It’s no secret photo booths are increasing in popularity at events. If you’ve attended a wedding in Calgary in recent years then you will have come across a photo booth whilst attending at least one of them.

You might have set aside a budget for the venue, food, decor and other typical wedding costs, but we’ve listed several reasons why you should have a photo booth on your special wedding day.

It’s a lot of fun for guests

A photo booth not only allows you to take photographs but it’s a great source of entertainment. Guests definitely have fun in the process as they get to break out of character with props and backdrops. Due to its instant printing, guests receive instant gratification and laughter when viewing their new photos.

Guests receive a special gift to take home

As photos are printed instantly, your guests will get to take home their photographs and will be forever reminded of your special day.

Great collection of memories for you

One of the most obvious reasons for having a photo booth at your wedding is the memories created from the photos. Not only will you be reminded by the photos, guests will have the choice of writing in a guestbook to leave you a personal message about your special day.

It’s not all about you

Let your guests be the center of attention for a minute too!

A digital and printed copy

Get the best of both. Our photo booths will print a physical copy as well as make an online gallery available. Our AngelBooth is is WiFi-enabled allowing you to share the photos instantly to Instagram, Facebook, Text or Email. With a variety features including: filters, boomerang (burst) video mode, single images, and still gifs,