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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After an Event?

We will give you a link to your gallery. Your gallery will have a customized URL to share with your guests. It is optional to have the gallery password protected, but you will need to share with your guests the password as well. From this link, your photos can be downloaded and shared on social media or printed off!

How much is your photobooth rental?

Depending on your event, the price may vary, please check out our Prices page for more information. If you are a charitable organization or not-for-profit, let us know, we can provide a special rate!

Do you charge deposit?

Depends on how soon your event is, we charge a 25% refundable deposit (non-refundable if it is within 1 month of your event) to ensure that we’ve booked you for the night. The deposit is fully-refundable if it something happens at our end and we are unable to attend. The remaining amount will be due within 2 weeks of your event.

How long can you stay at our venue?

We have 2 hour, 3 hour, and 4 hour packages, please check out our prices page for more information. 6+ hours will receive a special discount.

How does idle time work?

We classify idle time as any time that we are set up where we are not operational. Setup/teardown typically takes us about half hour to setup/teardown, if you would like us to do this ahead of time to not disrupt the party, the cost would be $40.00/idle hour. If you want us to pause for dinner service and speeches, this is also classified as idle time and we will charge $40/idle hour. i.e. You want us for 4 hours, but want 1 hour for cocktail hour, then a 2 hour break, then we resume and then we run the remaining 3 hours after the dance. Price for this option would be $899 (gold package) +$80 (2 hour idle).

What backdrops can we use?

We have a good selection of fabric, and plastic backdrops and we are continuing to hand pick our backdrops to add to our collection! Be sure to check out or Backdrop gallery for more information

How many props do you have?

We have over 100 props and we are continuing to hand pick our props to add to our collection! We like to bring a variety of props for your guests to use, but we also like to accommodate our props to your theme. Be sure to check out or Props gallery for a few samples in our collection

How long does it take to setup or tear down?

It typically takes us about half hour to setup and tear down. We will arrive at least half an hour before your start time and it does not cut into your package time that you choose!

How much space do you need for my event?

We typically need about 9’x9′ space. If you have only a small space for us, we can accommodate (i.e. have a sitting booth instead, and/or bringing our portable stand).

Your photobooth can print pictures on the spot!?

Yes, our prints come out automatically! After your pictures are taken, it takes about 5 seconds to print your image and you get one 4″ x 6″ image (double prints can be done – if negotiated prior to the event). Also, we can print 2 – 2″ x 6″ photo strips if you prefer those instead!

How many pictures do you get?

Your guests can take as many pictures as they like (in the chosen time). Please make sure they are mindful of lineups that they can re-line up if they want to take more pictures. The photos will take less than 10 seconds to print.

How far can Pose & Pucker Go?

We can travel anywhere in and around Calgary, Alberta. We only charge $0.50 per km anywhere outside of Calgary city limits, which may be waived depending on your booth package.

How many photos are printed?

Up to 2 photos can be printed after each session at no extra charge. Individuals can line up again and again to take new photos. For unlimited printed photos, we charge an additional $200 for the entire event.

Is your Company Insured?

You Bet! We are covered for up to $2,000,000. You and your guests do not have to worry.

Do you have a Business License?

Of course! We take pride in our work and we are legit!

What kind of camera do you use?

We take pictures only with a professional Canon DSLR Camera. Each guests will have a choice of Color or Black & White photos. Most of the photos showcased on this website were taken directly from the photobooth. We don’t need to “edit” any of the photos, and the pictures are up from your event within 48 hours of the event!

Can we customize what we want to include on the print?

Yes! We have an in-house designer that will customize the print-layouts to include a special theme, logo, and/or corporate colors. We can also customize the prints to include a special note (i.e. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Jack & Jill’s special day, Happy New Year 2017, Hitched 01-31-2017, etc.). Just let us know in advance (at least two weeks) so that we can design something to your specifications. Check out our gallery for past samples!

How to Book

Step 1

Have you looked through our gallery, and read our FAQ? Click on the Contact Us page and fill in the form. Whether it is to ask a few more questions, or to book with us, we want to hear about everything that you want for your photobooth needs.

Step 2

After we hear from you about your interest in booking, we will email to your answers to your questions or a questionnaire if you are ready to book. This allows us to get all the details for your event (including help with the design of the layout).

Step 3

Once we receive back your questionnaire, we send you the Terms of Agreement, and we work on the layout design and finalize everything else.

What Happens on Event Day

Part 1

We prep the machine and load our vehicle so that we have all the equipment that we need for your event. We’ve already finalized the layout and the backdrop choice at this moment, and we make sure that everything is good to go.

Part 2

We arrive an hour in advanced of your intended time (unless you purchased extra idle time for early setup). We set up our equipment and if we set up earlier than your intended time, we will start taking photos of your guests immediately.

Step 3

We take pictures of your guests for the time that you chose. If you feel that you would like more time, you can add an hour/two to your booking at the event. We will let you or the MC or the DJ know that we will be shutting down soon.  We shut down as quietly as possible and we thank you for your business! Within 48 hours, the pictures taken at your event will be posted in our Gallery and will send you an email to confirm the link (and/or password).


Now that you understand how it works and have read the FAQ, select a package view the link

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